Frauds on Google  and Wikipedia


The Budai Vár-barlang |  Castle Cave of Buda company that acquired ownership through armed forces attack has advertised itself as Labyrinth of Buda Castle |  Budavári Labirintus, which means that, in addition to acquiring the assets of the Labyrinth, it exploits the cultural and intellectual heritage of 30 years, reputation and settled internet presence of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle. The Hungarian Court prohibited the operator from the continuous violation of copyright and trademark rights for three times already.

For the fraud, 4-5 Wikipedia admin accounts were used, and at least 2 Google employees accounts part in the infringement. A pre-planned and coordinated cooperation between these two parties were required to manipulate the community sites. Creating an alarming precedent in which tens of thousands of the followers of community sites are misled. It is partly due to Google’s system-level security problem, but mostly because of autocratic infringements and corruption.

The perpetrators having an interest in the Buda Castle Cave, therefore, violate trademark rights and copyright and also carry out online and other fraud, with tacit consent of the owner representing the Hungarian State. The infringement includes the algorithms of Google, Facebook and Wikipedia, both Hungarian and English sites. The perpetrator even tagged the community page of the Labyrinth of Buda Castle to Google’s search and information panels, luring tens of thousands of people in a simplified Dracula exhibition.

The Google Search right side Information box in English have been converted from the Labyrinth of Buda Castle Wikipedia post. Google misleads tens of thousands of people. The companies official name: Budai Vár-barlang | Castle Cave of Buda.